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With the bushfires raging to the south some people have organised shows to raise money and help! An example is The Tote in Melbourne who raised over $5,000 for the bushfire appeal. In Sydney there will be a gig on the 10th of February at the Valve Bar from 2pm til late. $15 entry with every single dollar going to the Rural Fire Service. Read more about The Tote’s fundraiser, and check out the RFS Benefit Gig details. Be Good.

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A new week of great music! Look through and find some new bands to enjoy and support. Check out the Laneway Festival that is on later this week and see if it tickles your fancy.

If any events or band pages are missing please let me know ASAP! And don’t hesitate to give feedback on how to improve the gig guide and make it better. Be Good!

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Vote for Jagged Stone in the Hard Rock Rising Comp for us to move onto the next stage.

Simply follow the link and download our music to vote.


The leading artist has 33 votes after day 1…we have 2 :( Lets get more & more votes please share this and get everyone you know to vote. There is only a 2 WEEK voting period so we don’t have much time to collect a huge amount of votes.

Invite everyone you know and get them to invite everyone you know lets all vote =]

Bull N Bush 31/1/13



We’re back at the Bull N Bush Hotel in January this year. We are up at 8:30pm on 31/1/13.

Jagged Stone

Tickets: Free

Full Details here: http://www.reverbnation.com/show/9120742




♪♫Stick Mike


♪♫ The Holiday Project


♪♫ Jagged Stone


♪♫Facing Zero









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Share us around to others!

A new week with a huge amount of music! As well as all the places we know and love there are also the Sydney Festival events for this week which are listed at the bottom of the event.

Look through, find the genres you like, discover a band you would love! Show support and head out to see some live music.

If I have missed any event or band page, let me know ASAP and I’ll add it in. Be Good.

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Jagged Stone

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From all round Sydney, a fresh, new sound has emerged which has captured the ears and imagination of fans across the nation.

In the never-ending cycle of musical evolution; the core of popular accoustic-rock outfit Denham Reagh have found their true calling via transformation into one of the most exciting New-Wave country music acts on the Australian scene – JAGGED STONE.

Across 5 yrs of solid Performing, Touring and Recordin; these well travelled, show-hardened musicians have performed up and down the Eastern Seabord playing a myriad of shows from intimate Sunday Arvo pub crowds to the masses of the Music Festivals with the likes of Amy Meredith, Diesel, Jon Stevens and Catherine Britt.

Portraying the wilyness of experience and exploding with the exhuberance of youth; JAGGED STONE’s appeal transcends the cliche of demographic description with their masterful blend of unique, melodic and soul-soothing songs.

This cool, catchy sound, blended with sincere stories of their lives on the road, their personal history and life experiences; delivers a clear and concise message to listeners. JAGGED STONE tells all with the soulful sincererity so missing from most of todays contemporary music. Principal songwriters Bruce/Jowsey impart their inner selves and grant access to their personal visions on life’s broad spectrum and their journey through its quirks, challenges, mundaneness and the uplifting moments that stir the being in us all.

From the silky vocal overtones of Frontman Robert (Robbie) Bruce to the edgy,rural guitar riffs emanating from Keiran Thomson’s stratocaster; JAGGED STONE combines soaring vocal harmonies with captivating displays of emotion to provide a modern, edgy New-Aged Country sound. Rounding out the lineup is the band sizzling Engine Room as ‘Human Metronomes’ Gordon Jowsey’s steady. Also new member, pulsing the band is Andrew Negus’s sheer power, rock-tinged, drum rolls across the kit. The result is sheer sound brilliance.

An electric array of musical influences permeate both the music and the members with the 3 part harmonies reminiscent of seminal pop icons CROWDED HOUSE, THE BEATLES and EAGLES whilst the driving beats echo the tunes of BRAD PAISLEY, ADAM BRAND, KEITH URBAN and renown GodFather of Australian Country Music GRAEME CONNORS.

With sights firmly set on Country wide tours, JAGGED STONE will bring their musical, crowd-pleasing odyssey on the road to enthrall audiences across the country. Be sure to get like them on Facebook and follow on Twitter as well as any other social media. Catch their shows and grab their early releases now…. and enjoy them whilst cruisn down YOUR favourite bit of highway!

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